I do believe in fairies. I do.

Used to be a blog only dedicated to pll, but now i decided that it'll be about everything that i like. I'll change this after, but just to let you guys know why the url is about pll and everything else in this blog is not. Anyway that's it.
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When I was little I used to dance and model and that was fun. But I was always the person that was goofing off and I would memorize every line in every movie that I saw. And at recess that’s what I would do, I would talk to my friends and recite movies.

 when   you   wish   upon   a  s t a r...

  You get my first dance at my first royal ball, and all you can say is ‘I told you so?’

Your power will only grow. There is beauty in it, but also great danger.


best of pretty little liars ♥ (5 x 05)

"I’m green, you are blue, you are purple, Hanna’s pink, Ali’s yellow, and white is for whenever we don’t know who the story’s about."

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