I do believe in fairies. I do.

Used to be a blog only dedicated to pll, but now i decided that it'll be about everything that i like. I'll change this after, but just to let you guys know why the url is about pll and everything else in this blog is not. Anyway that's it.
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Read before asking any question.

Well, first of all my name is Patrícia, but you can call me paty, papaty, pa, p, whatever you want to :3

Where are you from?

Earth. hahaha, kidding, Brazil zil zil.

Follow me back? Promote me?

I hate this kind of questions, but no, I won't follow you back and I won't promote you. What I can do, is check out your blog, and IF I like it, I'll follow.

Which program do you use to edit your photos?

I used to use CS3, but now, I'm using CS4. For download you can check nath's FAQ. You'll find a lot of useful things there.

Where do you get your psds?

A lot of tumblrs, seriously. But here (x) there's a great variety of a lot of psds, so. You can check here, here, and here. But don't forget to search "psd" on deviantart.com, you'll find a lot of great ones too.

 Could you teach me how to do something on photoshop?

I'm absolutely awful explaning things but I can try, just tell me what you want to know.

You didn't answer my message, why?

I probably haven't gotten it, or the answer is here.

Post a picture of you?

Maybe. Depends of my mood. And if i have a good pic.

Where did you get your theme?

There's always a credit link, it's not hard to find it. 

What tv series do you also watch?

I watch The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Glee, Teen Wolf, American Horror Story, Once Upon A Time, Switched At Birth, The Secret Circle, The Lying Game, 2 Broke Girls, Awkward,....and I think that's it hahaha.

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