I do believe in fairies. I do.

Used to be a blog only dedicated to pll, but now i decided that it'll be about everything that i like. I'll change this after, but just to let you guys know why the url is about pll and everything else in this blog is not. Anyway that's it.
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Patrícia, pleasure i’m sure.

hm, i’m 16 years old, half blond brazilian girl. Heh. I was born on March 18th, so i’m from pisces; Different from a lot of people I actually like Brazil…I think there are A LOT to be changed, mostly the people have to realize the issues we face. I think our country is one of the most beautiful but i’m not patriot…that’s why I know that i’m moving to the US when I have the change. I’m on my 2nd year of high school and this is my 5th year ~i guess on my English school, so basically that’s why I can speak English and write this hehe. 

I <u>breath</u> music. That’s why most of my time I’m with my headphones on. And my favorite music style is pop, and I listen basically the ‘top’ hits of the moment. I like brazilian song. A lot. More than I should, and don’t judge me heh. 

When i’m not reblogging, or tweeting i’m sleeping. Or watching movies. Or watching tv series.  

I’m very lazy. VERY. And i’m also annoying and idk why i get annoyed very easily so i’m also a little nervous. 

I have lots of nickiname, and most of them are related to food ~in portuguese. But you guys can call me paty. 

I wear glasses and I actually like it, although I don’t think it fits me. 

I’m a good student…i’m above the average. 

I talk. A lot. Seriously. But i’m a little shy with people that I don’t know, so…

i’m not normal. People say i’m funny, although i don’t think it, but i know that i make people laugh, and i like it.

I’ve been to the US once and it was the best thing ever…and i went with my best friend and her family so it was really funny…

I’m in love with Tinker Bell. She is my favorite character of everything.

I really like soccer, although I don’t know a lot about it…but my dad is obssessed with it and my brother plays so. Oh, and the team that I support is palmeiras.

Going to concerts is something that makes me have the best feeling ever. 

Taking pictures and recording videos are something that I live for…

I’m addicted to snapchat, and instagram. 

I do believe in faries. I do. 

I wanna be a journalist, so this is what I plan to do in college 

so yeah, that’s it…if you wanna know more things about me, don’t mind ask…

kisses -P. 


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