I do believe in fairies. I do.

Used to be a blog only dedicated to pll, but now i decided that it'll be about everything that i like. I'll change this after, but just to let you guys know why the url is about pll and everything else in this blog is not. Anyway that's it.
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i just watched glee

i just </3


i think pretty little liars just won the whole teen choice awards everyone go home


ive come to a point in my life where 2am feels like 2pm

So, Hello!!
I’m so tired, I just got back from the gym and its freezing and omg


it’s weird how everyone’s house has a special house smell and the family living there doesn’t notice at all but when you first walk in it’s like getting slapped in the nose with some weird brand of laundry detergent what’s up with that

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